Blood Rose

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Title: Blood Rose
Author(s): Nina Boal
Date(s): 1993
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7/The Professionals
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Blood Rose is a Blake's 7/Professionals story by Nina Boal.

It was printed in the zine Songs of Innocence.

Reactions and Reviews

A post Star One story that has Blake drinking himself into a self-loathing depression because he's gay but never had the guts to admit it. He rents a male prostitute named Ray who's predicament appraently galvanizes him. Um...Ray has curly hair...anyone want to suggest a last name? 8-) [1]
I enjoyed it enormously. Isn't it wonderful when one's favourite fandoms dovetail? Who would have thought a confrontation between Blake and Doyle would be so convincing? (The Collision of the Curls?) The two characters do have quite a lot in common: sexy voice, earthy chuckle, bouts of temper, twinkly eyes, over-developed guilt complexes, desire to right the world's wrongs, easy manipulations of others, unnatural feelings towards dark, handsome smoothies.[2]
This is the Roj/Ray story Sandy heard about. Ray is a prostitute, with no character whatsoever. Roj is certainly not Blake; clone, maybe? Simplistic, overwrought. Grade: D- [3]
See, this one I dislike - and I can't imagine it's much better if you like Pros. Basically Blake thinks about what a terrible person he is, feels sad because he never got to have sex with Avon, and takes repeated advantage of a prostitute, with no personality. In the end, they escape together, but I assume 'Ray' is going to drug him and run away at the first opportunity. This should not be in a zine called 'Songs of Innocence'.[4]


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