Bloke's 7

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Title: Bloke's Seven
Publisher: Space Rat Press
Type: fancomics
Date(s): first edition, 1988; second edition, 1997
Medium: print
Size: format (1997 edition): digest, half letter size; [20] pp., yellow paper cover, center staples
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Bloke's 7 is a Blake's 7 cartoon strip book. It contains a graphic story; text by Joe Nazzaro, art by Ted Slampyak; S1, The Way Back; humor.

Art: covers and contents, all cartoons by Ted Slampyak

  • Gareth Thomas, "Introduction: Remembering The Way Back"
  • Joe Nazzaro, "The Road to Bloke (Revisited)" (second edition only)
cover by Ted Slampyak

Reactions and Reviews

This is a cartoon version of 'The Way Back', prof. printed as an A4 booklet ($5) with 18 pages... I particularly enjoyed this 'saga' as it actually told the story very well, and some of the humour just crept up you, rather than trying to be funny all the time, which can get irritating. I hope they do further 'episodes.' [1]


  1. from Horizon Newsletter #21 (December 1988)