Blast Away!

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Title: Blast Away!
Editor(s): Doki Rosi, The Truth Hertz
Type: Fanart, Fanfiction
Date(s): 2018
Medium: Print
Size: 8.5" x 5.5", 72 pages
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr
Zine Cover by xoxobouma
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Blast Away! is a zine focused on showcasing the worlds visited in the Kingdom Hearts games.


Blast Away! is a Kingdom Hearts Fanzine focused on the wonderful worlds visited in the franchise! and the many adventures of these goofs we know and love!

The zine will be like a collection of postcards from each world illustrated by each participant! With a total of 25 postcards and 10 stamps/travel stickers![1]

The project was announced and opened contributor applications on June 14, 2018[2]. In early answered questions, the zine was originally meant to be a digital only zine[3]. Applications closed on July 7, 2018[4]. An approximate 300 applications were submitted for this zine[5]. Acceptance emails were sent out on July 16, 2018[6].

Preorders were opened on September 10, 2018, with the following pricing tiers[7]:

  • Kingdom Key ($30 USD) - Physical Zine
  • Oathkeeper ($35 USD) - Physical Zine, Stamps Sticker Sheet, Travel Stickers
  • Oblivion ($40 USD, Limited) - Physical Zine, Stamps Sticker Sheet, Travel Stickers, Postcards

Preorders closed two weeks after opening[8]. Shipping of zines began approximately around November 2018[9].


The following names were taken from the project's social media account[10].