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"Blanket Permission to Fanbinding" is a way for fanfic authors to let fanbinders know that they allow anyone to create bound fanfic books based on their writing. The idea behind the name is that a "blanket" statement, with or without caveats, 'covers' everything a person might want/need to know. Often, permission is granted in a comment to a post asking if authors are OK with fans binding their works. However, fanbinders hope more authors will have a clear statement of blanket permission to binding fanfic somewhere easily found (such as on you journal profile, fic master post, website or archive profile) since it makes it much easier for the author to adjust it as they may need, and for fans to find it. [citation needed]

Sometimes the blanket statement includes caveats or limitations on that permission, such as specific works that are not to be bound or to bind fanfic only as gifts or for charity fundraisers. A very common request is to ask fanbinders to link to the original work and alert the author (usually so that they can squee over it). Very few authors have issued a formal Blanket No to Fanbinding as fanbinding is done in small quantities, although some authors without a blanket permission statement have been known to say no when asked.

List of Authors who have given permission to fanbinding

  • Example A
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