Black Pearl Tales

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Name: Black Pearl Tales
Date(s): July 2005 - 2015
Archivist: Geekmama
Type: fanficton, fan art
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
URL: (defunct); archive link
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Black Pearl Tales was a fanworks archive in Pirates of the Caribbean fandom. It was an archive for all the fanfiction and fan art shared on The_Black_Pearl_Sails_FanFiction and The_Black_Pearl_Library mailing lists and member of The Pirate Ring webring. It contained 195 stories and 43 poems by 63 contributing authors, and 62 pieces of art by 5 contributing artists, plus an unknown number of comic strips. The site was active throughout the 2000s, with the last update appearing to be in 2009, and it went defunct in late 2015.

Screen capture of home page in 2015