Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Compadre's Connection

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Fan Club
Name: Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Compadre's Connection
Dates: around 1994-?
Country based in: California, US
Focus: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
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a 1994 flyer


It is time . . . time to sign up for a most outstanding way to keep up with those two totally excellent time-travelling saviours of the universe. Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan, otherwise known as Wyld Stallyns.'!.'

Compadres Connection is an unofficial extension of the now defunct official fan club Bill and Ted's Outstanding Past and Future Appreciation Society, and is run by the same people and has the same members as the former group. The difference is there is no set publishing schedule (although we will try to have something to you quarterly) and no merchandising. And the best thing is, this club is way inexpensive! Not bad!!!

Scope this out, babes and dudes . .. only 8 righteous bucks gets you a lifetime membership (and only 15 righteous US, bucks for a membership anywhere outside the US.!). For this monetary expenditure on your part, you will receive a lifetime membership card and all issues of our most triumphant newsletter/ bulletin, How's It Hangin'? This non-heinous publication will keep you up to date on any and all B&T happenings, plus news on Keanu, Alex, Carlin and the other excellent B&T actor babes and dudes, plus fan feedback, pen pals and collectors sections, fan art and just a whole lot of fun stuff, too!

So don't let this phone booth pass you by . .. climb on aboard and join us for this most bodacious fan club experience! YES WAY!!!