Big One Series

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Title: various, see article
Author(s): molo & Bdonna
Date(s): 2005-?
Length: each between 6000 and 9000 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Big One Series is a series of explicit slash Starsky and Hutch stories by Bdonna and molo.

  • Big Deal ("We’re going on a double date tonight. Hutch calls it ‘going undercover,’ and as much as I think it stinks that we have to put on a show to avoid people getting the right idea about us, I have to admit I’m even looking forward to it.") -- originally published in Blood and Destiny
  • The Big Front ("You just gotta be looking.")
  • Feeling Big ("I thing Blondie might be onto me.")
  • Welcome to the Bigs ("They finally make the Show.")
  • The Big Tip-Off ("Back to the Beginning.") -- originally published in Blood and Destiny

Reactions and Reviews

There are three stories in this series: Big Front, Feeling Big, and Welcome to the Bigs. Each story has it's own voice, and each has a great mixture of hurt, comfort, angst, humor, and hot sex... all so wonderfully written, you hate for them to end.

To summarize: The Big One -a 6.0 earthquake- has thrown the boys together... literally. (I'm dying to know the details, but neither guy is telling, damn it!)And while this is a good thing, we all know that the road to true love between these two is rarely smooth. In spite of their closeness, or maybe because of it, they tend not to talk about feelings. They have an understanding, a kind of psychic connection, that makes communication unnecessary. Except not really. Because though that silent communication stuff works quite well in the streets, it's hell when it comes to matters of the heart. These three stories take you down the bumpy road to love and understanding, and it's a great ride.

Molo, who's still relatively new to S&H (she's only been writing in the fandom for a year), writes them like a seasoned veteran. The tone is just right, the humor is uh, hilarious, and the characterizations are nearly flawless. And the sex is hot. Really, really hot. But it's more than that. These stories are just damned good. Corny, cliched synopsis by me aside, I hope you'll agree. [1]
She's got a wonderful Starsky voice, one of the best around: any of the stories in her Big series, told from Starsky's POV, will demonstrate that. On the other hand, she can do drama and h/c that's completely convincing. I'm ordinarily not a huge h/c fan, but Molo can write both physical and emotional trauma without wussifying the hurtee. [2]
Morgan Logan is an amazing S/H author. This series is well-written, and hot, and unique, too. Poor sweet Hutch and his emotional problems [3]


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