Beyond the Barricade

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Title: Beyond the Barricade
Publisher: Holli
Editor(s): Holli
Date(s): July 2013
Series?: no
Medium: print and online
Size: A5, 32 pages (inc. covers)
Genre: multi
Fandom: Les Misérables
Language: English
External Links: Download zine here
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Beyond the Barricade is a 32-page Les Misérables zine, published in 2013. It is free to download. It was edited and published by Holli as part of the Dreamwidth community DIYFanzines.

The community profile announced: "We're here to attempt to make fanzines in the DIY mode: rather than big bound volumes of fic, let's try something smaller, more individual and more experimental. Use meta, fanart, and short fic to talk about your favorite fandoms, and soon you'll be master of the long-arm stapler!"[1]



  • A Brief List of Things From the Brick That You'll Miss If You Don't Actually Read the Brick by #lesmiseres
  • Four Enjolras and Grantaire Acting Duos You Should Know (and One You’ve Probably Never Heard Of) by Lana Clark
  • Make a Ribbon Rosette by nonasuch
  • A Walking Tour of Victor Hugo's Paris by tenlittlebullets


  • Song of Autumn by sath (with art by
  • Isn't It Romantic? By AMarguerite


  • Valjean and Javert by Darya (Dasha KO) Konopatova
  • Jehan by Maddison Leach (
  • Jean Valjean by Vejiicakes
  • Cosette and Gavroche by Darya (Dasha KO)
  • Linger by Taylor Leong


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