Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season Six

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Name: Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season Six
Date(s): 2009-2010?
Moderator: Beyond Atlantis Productions, Lynn, Annie and Lily
Type: online
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
URL: [Index of Stories, Archived version
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Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season Six is a gen Stargate Atlantis virtual season that ran from 2009 to at least 2010.

In 2012, the stories were printed fanzine format with the title Beyond Atlantis.

graphic by Lily, from the online issue #6

From the online introduction: "The city of Atlantis is stranded on Earth and there ended the journey of Stargate Atlantis. Our dedicated crew of Beyond Atlantis Productions, like so many other Atlantis fans, wanted the journey to continue and these are our tales of Atlantis and her people. We hope you enjoy our stories."

  • Episode 1: Homecoming by Anny and Lyn. Art by Lily
  • Episode 2: T-Minus Twelve by John, Cheryl, Lily. Art by Lily
  • Episode 3: The Devil You Know by liketheriver. Art by Kay
  • Episode 4: Runner Too by winnie. Art by Lily
  • Episode 5: Incursion by writerjc. Art by Lily
  • Episode 6: Soul Drinkers by ValleyA. Art By Lori
  • Episode 7: The Reservoir by Pansy Chubb. Art By JediKay
  • Episode 8: A Little Piece Of Home by Winnie. Art By JediKay
  • Episode 9: McKay Ex Machina by Patricia. Art By Lily
  • Episode 10: The Lady In The Woods by writerjc. Art By Lily

An eleventh episode was planned for April 7, 2010, although it is unclear if is was ever published online.