Don't Drink Anything While Reading This

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Synonyms: humorfic, beverage warning
See also: crack
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Don't Drink Anything While Reading This is an older description for a fanwork that is so funny it will supposedly make whatever liquid you are drinking come out of your nose.

It's evolved into the phrase 'beverage warning', as in 'this fic comes with a beverage warning'.

A similar fic description and antonym: Tissue Warning.

Examples of Use

  • "Don't drink anything while reading this hilarious zine from some of the best and brightest in Sentinel fandom today! Guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor, holding your sides and wiping the tears from your eyes." [1]
  • "... don't drink anything while reading this [story]." [2]
  • "THE CRACKIEST CRACK OF CRACKLAND. Really. DO NOT drink ANYTHING while reading this.[3]


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