Betsy Braddock... Le Site

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Name: Betsy Braddock... Le Site
Owner/Maintainer: ??
Dates: 2001? - May 18, 2006 (Last activity) but remained viewable until June 2009
Type: fansite
Fandom: X-Men
URL: (wayback)
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Betsy Braddock was a Betsy Braddock/Psylocke fansite.



"This is the BEST Psylocke Site!!! Thank you for putting everything there is to Ms Braddock! Im so happy she's back!!! Keep up the great work here!!!! P S Y L O C K E R O C K S ! ! !"[1]
"There are fan sites, and there are fan sites, and then there is Betsy Braddock... Le Site. Simply the finest display for love towards a fictional character I have ever seen. In the name of all Psylocke fans and X-Fans, I salute you!"[2]
"Great site. The most comprehensive and detailed Betsy site I have ever seen. I stopped reading comics when the killed Psylocke in X-treme X-men 3, my own way of boycotting for killing off an established and liked charactor and replacing her with crap. I will keep checking your site from time to time. If they bring Betsy back, maybe I'll read again (no maybe about it, give me favorite heroine, and I'll buy!!). Keep up the good work."[3]


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