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Mailing List
Name: Beta Readers Circle
Date(s): 1996-2005
Founder(s): [GirlGone]
Type: beta reading resource
Fandom: X-Files
URL: X-Files Beta Reader's Circle, Archived version
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The Beta Readers Circle was a mailing list formed in the X-Files fan fiction community in order to help connect authors with beta readers. It was intended to provide writers with an editing service that gave feedback on their story, and/or suggestions on the story's plot, grammar, or characterization before the author posted the story publicly in the X-Files fan fiction community.

"The Beta Readers Circle" was founded in mid-1996 by GirlGone.

a page from 1998
This is a place where you can be matched up with an editor who will beta read your fanfic and help you with your fanfic prior to posting it to the general public. To be added to this list as a writer, you must first request an editor by contacting the list administrators at Potential editors should also contact Kathleen if you wish to offer your services. This is a companion list to the X-Files-Fanfic mailing list.[1]

From 1998 Post

Hello Everyone!

My name is Michele and I coordinate assignments for the Beta Readers' Circle. The BRC is a team of devoted fanfic lovers, headed by our list administrator, GirlGone, who assist authors by editing their fanfiction.

The Beta Readers work diligently to create a positive working relationship with authors - one that allows examination of everything from plot, characterization, tone, and grammar. Ideally, improvement can be realized for both the piece and the author.

We would like to ask for volunteers to join the BRC. Professional editing experience is not necessary, but Beta Readers should be prepared to constructively comment on all aspects of the work. A Beta Reader should also be familiar with the various genres of XF fanfiction, although there is no requirement to edit each genre. Finally, each member should be prepared to make a solid commitment of volunteering.[2]

From an April 2001 Post

The Beta Readers' Circle, founded by GirlGone, has two new coordinators, Lisa and Nikki. We hope to meet the changes to the X-files community and to continue to serve its writers.

That means spreading the word. We've created a web site that will, hopefully, answer any questions you may have about beta reading, submitting your story, and volunteering.

Requests and questions should be mailed to:

In the past, people have had difficulty finding the service, so we offer a banner on the site that we hope XF webmasters will post on their sites. If you do have a link to BRC on your site already, please make sure you have the right email address.

By the end of the season, we expect an even greater flux of writers and readers within the community. We'd like to be prepared. For editing, we welcome all stories that incorporate any characters from The X-files. We'd also like to increase our number of editors. Editors aren't assigned stories, but rather, choose those assignments on which they feel they could do a good job. Thus, we encourage readers who enjoy less mainstream genres or couplings to volunteer. Give it a try for a few months. You can always decide it's not for you.

Many rewarding friendships develop out of beta reading. A writer's skills improve when she has to think *why* something should be done a certain way. Readers get the first peek at new stories. These are just a few reasons why beta reading may be right for you. Come join the club!

Lisa and Nikki, BRC coordinators -- [3]

Fan Comments

The Beta Reader's Circle is a great concept: volunteer beta readers are matched with writers who need editing. I know writers who have formed long-term friendships and beta relationships through the BRC. You're generally going to find a higher level of beta through BRC than by blind querying at ATXC. The only problem is that I've heard that because of a lack of volunteer editors, it can take a while to find a match through BRC. It's worth a shot, though. Email for more information. [4]


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