Ben 10/Stella

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Pairing: Ben 10/Stella Winx
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: het
Fandom: Ben 10/Winx Club crossover
Canonical?: no
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Ben/Stella is a crossover pairing involving Ben Tennyson (a.k.a. Ben 10) from Ben 10, and Stella from Winx Club. The pairing is especially common on Youtube, where it was first popularized by StelladeSolaria's fanvids.

The pairing became popular due to some fans' dislike of the potential canon het pairings in the original Ben 10 series. Many disliked the Ben/Gwen pairing because the two are first cousins (which is often perceived as incest), and some also disliked Ben/Kai because Kai had pretended to like Ben in one episode. For this reason, many fans were open to Ben 10 crossovers. However, Ben 10: Alien Force, a sequel to the original series, caused a decline in the pairing's popularity with the introduction of Julie, Ben's canonical love interest, and additional female characters to the show.

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