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Title: Beltranthology
Editor(s): Sylvia
Date(s): September 1999
Medium: print
Size: 90 pages
Fandom: Robert Beltran, multimedia
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front cover, BEKi

Beltranthology is a 90-page fanzine anthology with fiction focusing on characters played by Robert Beltran in Star Trek: Voyager, El Diablo, Shadow Hunter, Kiss Me A Killer, and Rio Shannon.

It contains one interior illo by Diane Running Horse as well as several cartoons from mainstream newspapers and magazines. The zine also has a page which recommends ten websites where fans can find more Beltran fiction and info.

The Editorial

Greetings fellow fan fiction readers and welcome to the first, and possibly the only fanzine to be dedicated to the film and television work of Robert Beltran. Best known for his portrayal of Commander Chakotay on Star Trek Voyager, this talented actor has appeared in numerous other projects, some of which are explored within these pages.

This zine started life as a brief 'wouldn't that be fun' idea, that rapidly got out of hand. From a desire to know more about 'El Diablo' came the search for writers, those intrepid souls who needed to know more about the various characters played by our favourite actor, and who were willing to share those ideas with Robert's fans. Within these pages, you will find a variety of writing styles and ideas, from first time writers through to seasoned web page holders. All joined by their enthusiasm for the tales lurking behind the film or television persona.

Our stories range from the delightful anti-hero El Diablo, through to the Indian cop Frank Totsoni from 'Shadow Hunter.' Taking a look in on other intriguing players such as Tony from 'Kiss me a Killer,' and Tito from 'Rio Shannon.'

If you are already familiar with Robert Beltran's work, then this zine should hopefully answer some of those nagging questions that hover after seeing a film or television appearance. However, if you have yet to see this talented actor in anything outside of Star Trek, maybe this collection will give you the impetus to rush out to the video store!

I have graded BELTRANTHOLOGY as being suitable for all ages, although there is some allusion to intimacy there is nothing blatant in any of the stories - or as my Granny would put it, 'nothing to frighten the horses!'


  • El Diablo by Sylvia Benson ("El's part in the movie, as seen from his perspective. Word for word. [happy face emoticon]") (1)
  • Rancho Tesuque by Jennifer Presley ("Tito Carson (Rio Shannon) is explored in this run up to the start of the movie.") (6)
  • When Evil Walked Among Us by Diane Running Horse ("Frank Totsoni is the character portrayed in this adaptation of Shadow Hunter. The story as seen though his eyes.") (12)
  • Daddy's Boy by Dreammaker ("Set after To Die Standing, this story is told by Luisa, wife of Juan Delgado.") (23)
  • O Sole Mio by Jo Taylor ("Ever wondered why Gio shot his brother? This prequel to Stormy Weathers may answer your question.") (28)
  • And Sometimes Thrice by Di4Pips ("Set around the film Kiss me a Killer, this retrospective tale tells us a bit about Tony's background, and the woman who had shared his life.") (35)
  • Little Name Tags by Susan Harvie ("A car accident, dinner and a damsel in distress. This is the story of how Duke Raydo met Veronica Clare.") (39)
  • Aftermath by Kristen E. Iseloth-Vidal ("It is five years on from Night of the Comet, and things are starting to happen for Hector and Reggie.") (46)
  • ...Paved With Good Intentions by Diane Running Horse ("As the saying goes The road to hell...' Luis' attempts at friendship were sadly misinterpreted. His thoughts and feelings are explored in this interpretation of Gaby: A True Story.") (56)
  • Reminiscing by Dreammaker ("An old friend gets the chance to write an article on Father Michael. The events surrounding Double Jeopardy are revealed on a walk along the beach.") (61)
  • Five Weeks by Sylvia Benson ("El Diablo left a lot of unanswered questions, for instance: what happened to Nettie in-between her abduction and subsequent rescue?") (65)

Sample Interior