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Pairing: Belle French/Ruby Lucas
Alternative name(s): Red Beauty
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Small
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Belle/Ruby is the femslash pairing of Belle French and Ruby Lucas (Red Riding Hood) in the Once Upon a Time fandom.


Ruby Lucas, more commonly known as Red Riding Hood or simply Red, was once a young, free-spirited girl who lived in a small village in the Enchanted Forest, along with her grandmother, Red was unknowingly plagued by a curse that transformed her into a wolf with every full moon. After the Evil Queen cast her curse, Red became trapped in Storybrooke, Maine as Ruby, a rebellious girl of loose morals who works at Granny's Diner.

Belle was chosen by Rumplestiltskin to pose as a caretaker in exchange for her family's well-being during the Ogre Wars. She is taken prisoner by the Evil Queen up until the casting of the Dark Curse, where she spends the next 28 years trapped in the town of Storybrooke, now locked away in a mental asylum. She is freed shortly before the curse is broken, however, and she goes on to live as Belle French.[1][2]


Belle/Ruby is a relatively popular femslash ship within the OUAT fandom, though attention to the pairing died down some when Ruby was not in later seasons (due to the actress having other commitments). Many fans are drawn to the Beauty and the Beast parallels, with Ruby filling the 'Beast' role once she was revealed to be a werewolf. There is some amount of tension between Belle/Ruby and Belle/Rumplestiltskin shippers, not only due to contradicting ships, but also in how a Beauty and the Beast type relationship is handled.

Common Tropes

  • Ruby meeting Lacey, the alternate Storybrooke personality for Belle, who is generally considered to be Belle's polar opposite.
  • Ruby feeling she is too dangerous to be around Belle thanks to her werewolf curse.


Belle/Ruby has been within Archive of Our Own's Top 100 Femslash Pairings three times, ranking 52 in 2015[3], 55th in 2016[4], and 73rd in 2017.[5]





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