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Name: Bella and Jacob Big Bang
Date(s): 2009
Moderator(s): chosenfire28
Founder: chosenfire28
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Twilight
Associated Community:
URL: bellaxjacob-bb
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The Bella and Jacob Big Bang was a big bang challenge in Twilight fandom, focused on the pairing of Jacob Black/Bella Swan. Authors had to write a story that was minimum of 10,000 words, and artists had to create a minimum of one piece of a medium of their choice.


Title: Whether The Weather Be Grey...
Author: runningsissors
Artist: stretch
Book: Post Eclipse
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 14,272
Character/Pairing(s): Primarily Jacob/Bella
Warnings: minor swearing and sexual content
Summary: Bella's epic love affair has ended, and now she's left to pick up the pieces and start her life over. She's moved back to Forks to try to get her life together again and focus on what's the inevitable now - a real grey haired future. That means going to school, getting a job, falling in love and dealing with all the complications that a normal human life brings.

Title: Of Angels and Bones
Author: ellie_kat89
Artist: leithalia
Book: After Breaking Dawn
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 10,262
Character/Pairing(s): Jacob/Bella, and past Edward/Bella, Jacob/Nessie
Warnings: Angst, character death, Breaking Dawn compliant
Summary: The journey of a lost soul, trying to find its true other half – because sometimes we get a second, and even a third chance.

Title: The Last Sleep
Author: ninety6tears
Artist: calliecow
Book: post-New Moon
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~31150
Character/Pairing(s): Bella, Jacob, Edward, Rosalie. Jacob/Bella, some Edward/Bella.
Warnings: Character death. (Angst? Yes.)
Summary: AU: When Bella's future is abruptly altered by brutal circumstances, she seeks comfort in an impossible balance between her life with Edward and a restrained relationship with Jacob.

Title: How We Became 'Us'
Author: katydid_jake
Artist: dhfreak
Book: None really, it's AU
Rating: K
Word Count: 11, 697
Character/Pairing(s): Jacob/Bella
Warnings: (if applicable) Minor Character Death
Summary: The first time they met each other was in 1995. Neither of them had any clue about their future, only that they had a new best friend, someone to laugh and play with, neither of them knew that they had just met their future spouse.

Title: Lone Wolf
Author: riderofrohan8
Artist: bellalikespie
Book: post-New Moon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 14,883
Character/Pairing(s): Edward/Bella, Jacob/Bella
Warnings: Mild language, angst
Summary: Bella had her future planned. She would become a vampire and live happily ever after with the Cullens. And then Edward left. Even after he returns, Bella finds that her future isn't what she had planned.

Title: This Is The Night
Author: midnight_jo
Artist: bluesuzanne
Book: Eclipse-ish
Rating: G
Word Count: 15644
Character/Pairing(s): Jacob/Bella
Warnings: Mild language, some angst, Bella being Bella.
Summary: The night provides an escape for Bella, but it also brings uncertainty. It's a good thing she isn't afraid of the dark.

Title: Love Pull Your Sore Ribs In
Author: bluesuzanne
Artist: alizarin_skies
Book: New Moon
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 12,648
Warnings: None
Summary: When, in the depths of despair and confusion, Bella suggests to Jacob that they run away, just the two of them, he says he can’t, right? Wrong. In this story, he manages, just barely, to flout the injunction, and the two of them set off, right then and there, in the middle of the night, for parts unknown. There are secrets between them, things they’re both trying to bury with every passing mile, there are milestones, there are memories, there are things they would never say to each other, things they would never do, things they might never have done, if they hadn’t been alone, together, and on the run.

Title: this is what matters
Author: the_idiotgirl
Artist: kryptiq
Book: BD, only up until the point that Edward and Bella married.
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,084
Character/Pairing(s): Jacob/Bella
Warnings: Some naughty parts. You’ve been warned.
Summary: Jacob and Bella spend the holidays in Forks. They drive, go to work, eat waffles, watch CSI, and throw a Christmas party.