Beauty and the Beast Songtape by Laura Cook

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Title: Beauty and the Beast Songtape by Laura Cook
Creator: Laura Cook/Ladybug Production
Date: 1990s?
Format: video cassette (VHS)
Length: 20 minutes
Music: various artists (see below)
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast

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songtape flyer, click to see larger version

The Beauty and the Beast Songtape by Laura Cook is an untitled songtape collection of fan Beauty and the Beast fan vids made by Laura Cook. The video cassette songtape contained four vids that were shown at a Beauty and the Beast convention in Las Vegas. The event may have been one of the Tunnelcons held in the 1990s. If so, it would make the songtape among some of the earlier Beauty and the Beast fanvids. The tape cost $10 (including shipping) and was shrink-wrapped, something that was unusual for most songtapes at the time.


  • "All The Man That I Need"---By Whitney Houston (A Vincent and Catherine video) Time—04:54
  • "Somewhere" — By Barbra Streisand (A Vincent and Catherine video) Time—05:15
  • "When A Man Loves A Woman" — By Michael Bolton (A Joe and Erica video) Time—04:15
  • "Hello" — By Lionel Richie (A Catherine and Joe video) Time—04:18