Beauty & the Beast 2006 Calendar

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Title: Beauty & the Beast 2006 Calendar
Contributors: Sandy Tew
Date(s): 2006
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Beauty & the Beast 2006 Calendar is a calendar with fan art by Sandy Tew.

From the calendar flyer: "The art is rated G thru PG-13. It is a full size horizontal format calendar with 12+ pieces of original art by me. There are 6 color pieces, 5 pencil sketches and one silhouette. Three pieces are brand new and all the others have never been in any of my calendars before in the same form. Some are color versions of previous art. Also, a romantic quote or poem is included with each month's picture. Along with the usual US Holidays, special B&B dates have been noted. There's also plenty of room to add your own notations. There are a limited number of calendars but I will consider printing more if there is enough interest."