Be Straight With Me

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Title: Be Straight With Me
Author(s): Elizabeth Helena and Rebelcat
Date(s): 2005
Length: 3,700 words
Genre: gen-ish
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Be Straight With Me is a Starsky & Hutch story by Elizabeth Helena and Rebelcat.

Reactions and Reviews

This is not slash. It is also not strictly gen. It is however what a straight Starsky would probably do if he found out that his best friend was bisexual. What he would do is fracking hilarious. These two write the boys so brilliantly that I can hear them. That's difficult to pull off without being overly silly or completely sappy. I keep rereading this, it's wonderful. [1]
OMG! That was freaking hysterical. I laughed out-loud throughout the whole story. I could hear them. I could see them. It made not the slightest bit of difference to me that I've always thought of Hutch as 100-percent the ladies man.

I bow before your comic genius.

Far and away the best S&H fic I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

Thank you! [2]
It's not really my thing... but it was nice reading this story. Poor Hutch... If Starsky wants to find out something, he stands no chance! [3]
This is wonderful! I am convinced that this is exactly how events progress. Your version of the boys is perfect, I think. I can hear them. I especially love Starsy being obsessive and the whole unrequited thing with Hutch. [4]
Okay, okay, I admit it, Im glad you convinced me to read it. *huge grin* It IS funny! And full of oh so many truths too. I mean, everyone really IS looking at Starskys ass. And I have to say I liked the rules. "I dont want to know AT ALL." Hm. Think I know that line. ;) Thanks for this, I did grin. (Kinda mean and evil and Starsky-like-ish, but it was a grin. *grin* - See?) [5]
ok, i won't treat this hutch as canon - and i think it's just too funny! and starsky was totally in character, with the dictionaries on the passenger seat, and all those questions *lol*. i loved it, this was hilarious! [6]


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