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Fan Comic
Title: Battle On!
Artist: Jeanette Atwood
Date(s): 13 June 1997 - 12 December 2000
First Published:
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
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Battle On! is a popular comic strip featuring the Xena: Warrior Princess characters.

It is hosted by Tom's Xena Page.

About the art:

Each strip is penciled roughly on a sheet of paper. When I'm reasonably certain of gesture and expression I will then ink the cartoon. Sometimes I'll do the dip pen procedure...sometimes if I want a softer line with a little more character I'll actually use a small paintbrush.

Below is an example of a pre-inked sketch:

pre-inked sketch

After the strip is inked I'll scan it into my computer and using the wonders of Photoshop I'll color in the strip. Sometimes I'll combine a toon with a computer painted background that I've done on Fractal Paint. (The leather wedgie for instance...the entire background was painted on the computer and then I 'layered' the image of Xena and Argo on top of the background and added a few elements here and there to successfully marry the 2 images together.)

I just HAVE to say this...just because it's colored on the computer doesn't necessarily mean it was easier or FASTER to do...many times I'll spend more times coloring the toon than I did drawing it in the first place! [1]

Recs and Reviews

Jeanette Atwood has combined artistic and storytelling skills to create one of the most unique types of fanfic in Xena fandom - the delightful BATTLE ON! comic strip.[2]


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