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Fan Song
Song Title: bare-bones - Yasha's Song
Composer: Lilli Furfaro
Lyrics: Lilli Furfaro
Melody: original
Date: Jul 18, 2020
Fandom: Critical Role
External Links: YouTube

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bare-bones is a fan song by Lilli Furfaro dedicated to the Critical Role character of Yasha (portrayed on the show by Ashley Johnson).

a song for our soft barbarian and the weight she carries.

Description to the video

Transformative works based on bare-bones

"Collaboration" with Chase Noseworthy and Honna

Within 24 hours of releasing bare-bones on YouTube, another Youtuber, Chase Noseworthy([1]) released a transformative song of their own by adding their male-sounding voice on top of the track. Chase called it a "kind of cover", though some commenters referred to it as a duet. Later that same day, another Youtuber Honna ([2]) released another transformative work, taking Chase's version of the "duet" and adding an orchestra track to it.

[Chase Noseworthy]

I swear I won't make a habit to keep riding @lilli_furfaro's coattails, but this song about @TheVulcanSalute hit me so hard that I had to do something with it. It reminded me of the male-female duo Brown Bird, so I wanted to try something similar with it

[Lilli Furfaro]
oh my gOODNESS!?! this is SO COOL. i cannot get over this. really really well arranged and well done!!! wow wow wo, thank you so much
[Lilli Furfaro]
okay so i’ve listened to this about 18 times already this morning. @NoseworthyChase back at it again with an insanely beautiful cover/duet of bare-bones. (which i posted last night. you, my friend, are incredible.)
Me: Haha it'd be really cool if someone did a little orchestration over this real quick... unless....

@lilli_furfaro and @NoseworthyChase I hope you guys enjoy this little thing I put together!

[Lilli Furfaro]
okay. okay. i am in whole body shakes, because @BenNorthgraves took @NoseworthyChase’s gorgeous duet to my little song bare-bones (yasha’s song, @TheVulcanSalute) and turned it into cinema-worthy score. i am so humbled and so grateful. thank you so much.
[Chase Noseworthy]
BRO! This is fucking incredible

Also, how is it that within the span of less than 24 hours 3 musicians unintentionally collaborated

Fan reaction

Comments on Lilli's video

The slow build of this song perfectly encapsulates Yasha’s rage. Where Grog’s rage was explosive and loud, I’ve always felt that Yasha’s is simmering and quiet, ever-present under the surface ready to come out at any moment.[1]

I'm speechless, this is hauntingly beautiful. "The thunder who raised me, the people that saved me"? god damn. They should put this in the art reel during stream breaks![2]
The intensity and feeling behind this is outstanding. I truly felt this as a story from yasha's soul. Eyes closed fiercely singing Yasha's quiet, intense rage.[3]

here i was already getting chills over the zuala verses and then the mollymauk verse hit ;___; this is so intense and amazing. I especially love how beautiful the line "it was only in the thunderstorm that i recalled my name" is!![4]
so im a witch, thus my immediate reaction was to look into the correspondences of the flowers mentioned in the verse!! and they are HELLA ACCURATE:

Hyacinth: Constancy. Blue hyacinth specifically represents sincerity. Chamomile: Relaxation and rest. Forget Me Not: Remembrance. Roses: (each color has a different meaning, but almost all deal with relationship) Red - passionate love, Yellow - friendship, White - marriage, Black - death.

so along with being a witch, i'm also a writer, so i dove deeper into thinking about these in regards to Yasha.

Hyacinth: Constancy. When you think about it, Yasha never really stays (at least in the first half). She roams, and runs. This can also be reflected in the people who were in her life (The M9 being the exception). They all seem to leave, and if they do, they don't tend to come back.

Sincerity. Yasha, as far as I am in the series, barely if EVER told a full, knowing lie. She is an open book that no one really picks up and reads deep enough. She's silent, but when she does speak, it bears weight and vulnerability.

Chamomile: Rest and Relaxation. Something that never comes easy for her. Meta-wise, she's a barbarian, a very aggressive and hard-hitting class. This opposes the concept of resting and relaxing. This is more or less the first thing that came to my mind. Meanwhile, there's also the narrative answer. She never, truly, finds a moment of peace. Silence and quiet, yes. But silence is very different from actual peace . Some could argue that it's worse, especially if you have as much baggage and guilt as Yasha. With quiet moments, you are forced to rest with the echoes in your head. And with someone as the Stormlord looming over you, those echoes are far from quiet.

Forget Me Not: Remembrance. Zuala. Molly. She never forgets the people she loves, and more importantly, the people who love her. This one is more cut and dry, at least in my eyes.

Roses: Endless meanings, most pertaining to relationships. Though the quietest, she is still part of the Nein, who (and this is probs cause I don't consume that much media) are probably the most complex characters that I know. There are so many layers and sides to the rubrics cube that is Yasha Nyoodrin. In different situations, you can almost see the red roses in her eyes as she talks about Zuala. The yellow petals that bloom in her smile when she's with the Nein. The dark folds in her wings as anger consumes her. She is a rose in of herself, where, though beautiful, can bear thorns. And her petals are buried deep with in a thorn bush.

i just,,, love Yasha. I can't wait to see more from her hakjsda im still on episode 46, so I have a while to wait. it'll be worth it tho!![5]

Comments on Chase's video

Reminds me of shadow of the colossus when there's like that voice talking to you thats layered with a female and male voice. This is such an interesting vibe, it's solemn yet has so much authority in the vocals. Very much embodies Yasha.[6]

Her writing sounds like it belongs in a musical. Your accompaniment adds an even darker feel. I like it. Edit: also the levels are perfect, your vocals are the perfect volume to compliment hers.[7]
Love the cover Chase, I really enjoy just how different it is from the original with your deep voice. The original almost sounded like something that would be the soundtrack to a character through a story while your song sounds like something that would play after a big moment in their story.[8]

I am so in love with the music creatives of the Critters. Y'all bring such needed art to life. This is beautiful, and your voice gives chills, man. The harmony was incredible.[9]

Comments on Honna's video

I love how this community just inspires one another. The art created from the game to the viewers inspires and makes the world seem a far better place than it seems some times.[10]

I've literally never gotten actual chills from music and I've felt for the longest time like I was missing out. Thank you for finally letting me feel that, this is honestly incredible.[11]
Have to say I'm digging this little subfandom that has emerged. This sounds so cool.[12]

Epic. I love the contrast between the bright chords and voice against the ultra deep synth tuba and voice.[13]


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