Banquet: A Hannibal Artbook

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Title: Banquet: A Hannibal Artbook
Publisher: Shy Custis
Editor(s): Baru, Blue, Coey Kuhn, Dilraj Gahunia, Fey, Lohkay Mel Tow, Reaper, Sabrina Cotugno, Sairobee, Sasha B., Sol, Chang D., Zenyr
Type: Artbook
Date(s): March 2014
Medium: Print, Digital (PDF)
Size: 39 pages
Fandom: Hannibal
Language: English
External Links: Official tumblr, Etsy listing, Kickstarter
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Banquet: A Hannibal Artbook is an art zine inspired by the first season of NBC’s Hannibal. After the second season of the show, a second volume of the zine was published: Field Kabuki: Hannibal Art Book Vol.2. The creators announced the project in a tumblr post:[1]

WELCOME, ONE AND ALL, to the long awaited fan book “BANQUET”. A fan book in tribute to the popular show HANNIBAL. 14 artists come together with illustrations, comics and more, to create a shockingly wonderful and tasteful work of art.

The Kickstarter campaign raised $11,431 USD with 381 backers

As of Nov 2015, PDF copies of the artbook were still being offered for sale on Etsy.


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