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Journal Community
Name: Bandom Story Swap
Date(s): created on 16 October 2008
Moderator: cyclogenesis, jae_w
Founder: jae_w
Fandom: Bandom

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Bandom Story Swap (aka popoffacork) is a LiveJournal community for hosting fic exchanges. Three exchanges ran in 2008-2009:

  • Bandom New Year's Story Swap - Stories posted December 31, 2008 - master post
  • Bandom Summer Story Swap - Stories posted September 7, 2009 - master post
  • Bandom New Year's Story Swap - Stories posted December 31, 2009 - master post

The rules were similar each time. Everyone signed up with a list of at least three pairings they wanted. At least one pairing had to be from My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco or Fall Out Boy. "Other requests can be from any of those bands as well as from any other bandom band (what's a bandom band? I trust your judgment), or crossovers."[1] Everyone who signed up also had to offer to write a fic about at least one of the same three bands and could exclude only one pairing from that band. They could also list other pairings from other bands they were willing to write. Stories were posted anonymously, and authors were revealed after one week.

As of April 2017 the Livejournal community had 137 posts; 2,778 comments; and 102 members.[2]


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