Balthazar Mini Bang

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Name: Balthazar Mini Bang
Date(s): 2012
Type: Mini-bang - fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: balthazar-mini, Archived version
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The Balthazar Mini Bang was a mini-bang challenge in Supernatural fandom, focused on the angel character Balthazar. Authors had to write a minimum of 7000 words.


Title: Follow the Fool
Author: chef_geekier
Artist: myfriendfredric
Beta: j_r_hartley
Pairing(s): Mentor-student Gabriel-Balthazar, Balthazar-Castiel and Balthazar-Lucille(female Lucifer) friendship. Unrequited Balthazar/Castiel and Balthazar/Lucille, actual background Dean/Cas, Sam/Lucille
Rating: PG
Warnings: Major character dying/death, medievel approach to legal marrying age, implied unfaithful thoughts, implied unrequited threesome love, forboding ending. Angst out the wazoo.
Summary: Some people remembered the story of King Samuel and Queen Lucille, how their arranged marriage helped to create an alliance strong enough to repel the invading hordes of Daemonia. Some remembered the less-known but far more scandalous tale of how King Samuel's older brother Dean, head of the Royal Guard, fell in love with Queen Lucille's personal bodyguard Castiel and frequently bedded the younger man. No one remembered the seven-year-old orphan Balthazar, or how he was one day found by Christia's Fool and trained in the profession. No one remembered how Balthazar watched over Queen Lucille when she was just a baby, or remembered that it was Balthazar who recommended that Castiel be trained as a royal bodyguard. No one remembered everything that Balthazar did for his country and his court. For Balthazar was a Fool, a Trickster, a Jester. He wasn't important to the public, and was just a nuisance to the nobles. That's okay though, because Balthazar's world revolved around Castiel and Lucille ever since Queen Grace extracted a promise from him one peaceful night. He doesn't mind that once these two have finished grieving no one will remember him. He's just grateful for the time he had with them, even if they did have a habit of breaking his heart.

Title: Peace Angel
Author: lilithrain
Artist: threnodyjones
Beta: Angelus
Rating: NC - 17
Pairing: Castiel/Jack
Other Characters: Dean, Toby, Rhys, Gwen, Sam, John (mentioned), Balthazar, Gabriel and his dog.
Kinks: Wings, hurt/comfort, flirting, dom/sub, unrequited love, man love, man hugs.
Word Count: 9,322.
Warnings: DomCas, inferred possible angel-cest, character death (only temporary), angst, depression, JealousAngyVengefulBalthazar, ShockedGabriel, telepathy, PissedOffCastiel, vandalism, Concerned Big Brothers (Dean and Gabriel).
Summary: Torchwood Four isn't missing, not really, just appropriated by an angel who is good at appropriating things he wants. Balthazar is really good at getting what he wants, but sometimes that's not always the case. He did get the Winchesters to join Torchwood, he did get to meet the Captain Jack Harkness but he didn't count on Castiel falling for the other leader of Torchwood. He also didn't count on having to stay in Gabriel's annex. It seems there's alot Balthazar didn't count on. Funny for the angel who seems to be able to get everything, he's not too happy about it.

Title: Oceanic
Author: tacotheshark
Artist: tawg
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Fic warnings: Light gore, character death
Art warnings: Eyeballs
Pairings (in order of relevance): Castiel/Balthazar, John/Mary, Bobby/Ellen, Sam/Dean, Gabriel/Balthazar (very minor), Jo/Chuck
Other Characters: Castiel, John, Mary, Bobby, Ellen, Sam, Dean, Gabriel, Jo, Chuck
Summary: (Future, human!AU) There is a man, who works in a factory—though, so much more than that, he would say, but really not much more at all Balthazar would think, because after all that is exactly what it is: a factory. Even when it produces not product but heart, mind, skin and bone and nerve. Even when never it has had the slightest problem with murder in the interest of its raw materials. And there is a man, who works not in a factory but lives, heavy, on a certain one’s radar. Whose deep blue eyes look infused with the ocean itself, whose tan trench coat hangs loosely off his shoulders as he goes about his days with strength that fleets him. So—what happens, when a worker takes interest in lovely lapis eyes, takes with them to a bond as strong as that of a tongue melded to its frozen metal pole—what happens, when those eyes are wanted, hunted for an experiment, and the two have no choice but to run?

Title: Pieces of Heaven
Author: Cryforyesterday
Artist: Chef_Geekier
Beta: Katy
Rating: M
Pairing: Belthazar (Balthazar/Bela Talbot)
Word Count: 11,875
Summary: Balthazar never thought humanity would give him anything that he didn't already have. Heaven had already failed him, and humans? They were just hairless apes who swaggered around, hostile and untameable. That was, until he saw her. The First Seal, Castiel called her. But to Balthazar, she was always Bela.

Title: Three Angel Wine
Author: moonbeamdancer
Artist: mendelian
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Castiel/Gabriel/Balthazar (main), Castiel/Balthazar (past and present) Balthazar/Lucifer (implied), Castiel/Rachel (past), Castiel/Gabriel, Gabriel/Balthazar
Warnings: Bonding, threesome, angelcest, swearing, drunk angels, wing!kink, voyeurism, sex, bondage.
Word Count: 17,332
Summary: AU where angels and human coexist together. Angelic college fic. Four years ago Balthazar and Castiel were involved but a misunderstanding caused Castiel to leave, not wanting to hear Balthazar's explanation. Four years later they meet again, due to Gabriel, can they patch things up and start again with each other or will they start something new with Gabriel?