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Date(s): 2001-2003?
Archivist: Kayla
Type: Fanfic archive
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: VOY
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. (BFN for short) was an archive for babyfic, active in the early 2000s. It mainly contained Star Trek: Voyager stories.

Works archived

  • Alternative Voyages, by Dakota
  • Drifting on a Different Tide, by Dakota
  • Memories, by Dakota
  • Family Matters, by Kathryn
  • Soul's Caress, by Kayla
  • From The Mouth Of Babes, by Kayryn Shadow
  • Trials and Triumphs, by Kayryn Shadow
  • Can't Go Home Again, by KJ
  • Hearts of Courage, by KJ
  • Send Him Home, by KJ
  • Wishes, Dreams and Starlight, by KJ
  • Same Time, Next Year, by LauraJo
  • Love, by Lisa Hanson
  • Decisions, by Lisa Hanson
  • Daddy, by Lisa Hanson
  • Daddy2, by Lisa Hanson
  • Baby Makes Three, by Sheri
  • Family Ties, by Sheri
  • Regrets and New Beginnings, by Sheri
  • Surprise, by Sheri