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Fan Club
Name: British Nick Tate Fan Club (renamed "International Nick Tate Fan Club" in 1988)
Dates: early 1970s? to at least 2015
Founder(s): Carol Abbs
Leadership: Carol Abbs (created it, first president), Anne Lewis (around 1978, second president), Phyl Proctor and Eileen Skidmore (took over in perhaps 1981)
Country based in: Leeds, UK
Focus: Space:1999
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British Nick Tate Fan Club was an active Space:1999 fan club.

In 1976, Carole Abbs, a member of the Terracon concom, and she invited Nick Tate to the "Terracon" convention. It was then that Nick Tate agreed for Carole to run his fan club. More about the formation of this club is in this con report.