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Journal Community
Name: B7 Friday
Date(s): 2004-present
Moderator: Vilakins
Founder: Vilakins, AstroGirl
Type: weekly ficlet challenges
Fandom: Blake's 7
URL: livejournal link
dreamwidth link

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B7 Friday is a livejournal, and later Dreamwidth community for weekly Blake's 7 ficlet challenges, founded in 2004. It has around 130 members. The profile describes the community:

This is Blake's 7 Friday, a weekly short story challenge community. How short? Byatts (50 words), drabbles (100 words), or stories up to 500 words (though we don't mind if you're over that).

Each week, one of the volunteer topic-setters will post a challenge. This will be added to memories so that it's easy to find. To see the current topics or all topics ever set, click on the link in the sidebar. By the way, you don't have to write the story on a Friday; you have all week.[1]


B7 Friday was founded in May 2004 by Vilakins and AstroGirl, who served as co-moderators. After several challenges generated limited response, Vilakins posted a poll about the community's future on 28 September 2012.[2] Discussions started on 8 October 2012 as to how to attract new writers.[3] The community on LJ was active up to April 2017, when the community closed and a new Dreamwidth community was set up,[4] with the last post in October of that year reminding fans of the new site.

On Dreamwidth, the last upload was in August 2019.


Challenges are set weekly on Fridays. Responses must be posted in the following week. The maximum length guideline is 500 words, but longer stories are also accepted.


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