Avalon Mists

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Title: Avalon Mists
Editor(s): Leva Mevis
Date(s): 1996 - present
Medium: print, online
Fandom: Gargoyles
External Links: http://avmists.gargoyles-fans.org/
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Avalon Mists is an online Gargoyles fanzine. It was created in 1996 as a newsletter by Leva Mevis, "with Jill Morrison acting as stand-in editor for two months that fall. It matured into its webzine form in February of 1997, which also happened to be Leva's last issue as editor. The Avalon Mists webzine was revived by Christine Morgan in the fall of '97, and was cultivated by her until the winter of 2001."[1] As of the June - July 2007 issue, the co-editors were Emambu and Lynati.[1]


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