Australian Television Information Archive

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Name: Australian Television Information Archive
Owner/Maintainer: T. Zuk
Dates: 1998 - present
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: first site 1998 - 2001, archive link
second site 2001 - 2010, archive link
current site 2010 - present
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The Australian Television Information Archive is a fan run site that catalogs all Australian television series that have aired in Canada or may be of interest to Canadian fans. It was created by fan T. Zuk to help other non-Australian fans get the information they needed about their favorite Australian television shows. He explains why he created the site:

As a long-time fan of the many Australian TV series that have aired here in Canada, I created this site in 1998 (a time when there was very little information about many of these series on the internet) to provide an accurate and comprehensive source of information for these and the many other Australian programs that have found fans around the world. The site has been updated continuously since 1998...

However, being completely ignorant of the Australian entertainment industry, I had zero knowledge of the actors in these shows and after seeing a few series, familiar faces began to appear but I had trouble recalling what I'd seen them in previously. The solution was to start keeping track of what I was watching. Primarily this was in the tracking of shows' starring casts, but as time went on this expanded to writing episode summaries, and logging guests stars, writers, directors, and other assorted information. I filled notebooks with the information at first but eventually moved everything into one simple text file on the computer so I could search through it all.

In late 1998 I organised the information and launched this web site on October 30th of that year with the goal of sharing the collected information with other viewers outside Australia. At launch the site covered just 20 series, almost all of which had aired in Canada. In the years since, the site has grown to cover over 500 series, miniseries and telemovies.[1]


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