Austen Interlude

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Name: Austen Interlude
Date(s): ?-today
Founder: Abigail R
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Jane Austen
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Austen Interlude is an archive for Jane Austen fanfiction by invited authors. The site contains links to author pages (which link to stories), and a few links to individual stories. The pages are all static html.


It was founded by Abigail R to host her stories, and archives only invited authors. The technical admin work is done by Edot.



Austen Interlude is a small private archive that makes a nice first stop if you're interested in JA fics. There are no passwords necessary, for one thing, and several of the authors there are quite good. Abigail R. writes an engaging Regency romance, and I love Lucy's stories - all sequels, which was the kind of story I gravitated to when I first started reading P&P. MariaFaith is another good Regency author there. If you're at all interested in modern P&P, you might enjoy Jessi's "The Muse," which I thought was very well done. (Kalina)[1]