At This Point In My Life

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Title: At This Point In My Life
Creator: Snow Raven
Date: on or before June 2000
Format: digital, Real Player
Music: "At This Point In My Life" by Tracy Chapman
Fandom: Xena
URL: archived version of the vidder's website

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graphic created by Snow Raven

At This Point In My Life is an Xena fan vid by Snow Raven. It was created on or before June 2000.

Vidder's notes:
"My first (and thus far only) video is a look back to the first season and the beginning of Xena's path toward redemption. It's set to Tracy Chapman's "At This Point In My Life", from the album "New Beginning". Like everything I do the video is subtext friendly, but if you don't see any subtext in the show you probably won't see it here either."[1]

History of the Vid

The vid was shown at the June 2000 Chicago Xena Nights gathering

"Xena Night Chicago, Tuesday June 13th, 7pm at StarGaze. More info about this monthly event can be found on D.S. Bauden's website. They might show my video again sometime if they get sufficiently bored."[2]

In 2001, the vid was one of many Xena vids that were sold by another fan on CD on eBay:

"September 22 , 2001 It has come to my attention that at least one unscrupulous individual, going by the name "gabrielleamazonwarior", has been selling CD's full of Xena music videos on Ebay. According to my source, my video "At This Point In My Life" is one of the ones that was stolen and included on the CD. Not only that, but this person had the nerve to claim that he or she made all the videos on the CD. I have not, and will NEVER sell my video, and if it is ever offered for sale, you can be sure it is being done without my permission. (I might offer it for distribution some other way, but only at the cost of materials and postage to do so, never for profit.) I, and the many other video makers online, have invested huge amounts of time, and usually money, in bringing these videos to you. I personally don't mind if anyone wants to make copies of my video for personal use, or to give to friends, but selling videos for profit is not only a violation of copyright laws, it's stealing, plain and simple. Please do not support anyone selling these stolen goods, it has caused some of us to reconsider providing these videos online, and could result in our sites being shut down. [3]


"Loved the video! Wow it is just great! Do you mind if I show it to others?" -Amy Matheny

"It's *excellent*!! My husband was in the room when I watched it and even he was impressed (he's a hard one to impress :-) ). Your video was FABULOUS for a first time! Great song choice!!" -Tonya Muir

":::::applauding:::::: AWESOME! WOW! Definitely worth the download time! You've done a great job - I was mightily impressed and also VERY moved. You've got real talent for melding words and images. Is this really your first time doing this? Get ready for a lot of traffic when you go public with this because it's just beautiful." -Michal Salat[4]


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