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Name: Ashfur
Fandom: Warrior Cats
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Ashfur is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He becomes an antagonist.

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Ashfur is introduced as a young kit in The Prophecies Begin arc, and is eventually made an apprentice named Ashpaw in The Rising Storm. While he does have some prominent moments during the first arc, he doesn't become a major character until the second arc, The New Prophecy, when he develops a romantic interest in Squirrelflight. However, he is rejected and Ashfur becomes bitter, driving him to try and 'punish' Squirrelflight in various ways during both The New Prophecy and the Power Of Three arcs in retaliation.

Later, after Ashfur's death, Jayfeather and Yellowfang encounter him in StarClan, prompting Yellowfang to claim that Ashfur's only crime was to 'love too much'.


Ashfur is a controversial character due to his motivations and treatment regarding Squirrelflight. The primary debate is over if he deserved to get into StarClan after his attempts to ‘punish’ Squirrelflight for not being his mate.

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