Ashes of the Mind

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Title: Ashes of the Mind
Publisher: EvilTwinSkippy Productions
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
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Ashes of the Mind is a gen 238-page Magnificent Seven novel with two stories, one by Carla and one by The Smarm Sluts.

  • "Legacy of Fire" by Carla, in which an injured Ezra is taken hostage, and the rest of the Seven must rescue him
  • "Ashes of the Mind" by The Smarm Sluts, in which Ezra and JD investigate a corrupt insane asylum, unaware that a very deadly enemy of Ezra's is hiding there, eager for revenge. (Excerpt: "Ezra would have little memory later of what happened next. He could only dimly perceive hands grabbing at him, tearing at his clothes and hair, striking him, clawing his skin. He could do little to protect himself against the inmates' fury, and he could see that Jed and the guards were hanging back and enjoying the spectacle immensely. Then Ezra was pulled down into a red sea of fists and pain. After what seemed like an eternity, he dimly heard Jed say, "Okay, that's enough!", saw through bloodied eyes the guards wading in and pulling the inmates away. By now Ezra was lying motionless on the floor, gulping for air, covered with blood and dirt, his clothes torn. The inmates were pushed to the edges of the room w the guards threatened them and threw cold water on them to calm them down.")