As Easy as Falling Off a Bike

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Title: As Easy as Falling Off a Bike
Author(s): Helen Patrick
Date(s): 2002
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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As Easy as Falling Off a Bike is a Blake's 7 story by Helen Patrick.

It was originally printed in the zine Fire and Ice #7.

It has a sequel called Hot Tub.

Reactions and Reviews

Well, [this story and Hot Tub] go together; the one is a sequel to the other. Premise is that Avon keeps flirting and then backing off (well, that's practically canon) because he's worried that Blake won't be able to respond. On the Gan analogy, he assumes someone convicted of the charges against Blake will have been conditioned so they can't repeat the offence good point, I thought. In the first story, the pretext for Getting Avon's Clothes Off is a visit to a planet where they have to ride a long way on obsolete bicycles. Blake isn't new to them but Avon is, and is in agony next day I can sympathise. In the second, Blake has got Zen to modify his bath somewhat and they're having this leisurely jacuzzi together. The tension comes from neither being completely sure whether Blake's conditioning can be broken.[1]
In 'As Easy,' Avon learns to ride a bicycle for a mission, which features only briefly but gives us a lovely conversation between Blake and Avon about science and politics. The rest of the story deals with the after effects of Avon's hard ride. The expected innuendo leads somewhere less expected. A wonderful Blake: brave (although in a different way than we normally see) and with a wicked sense of humour.[2]
[Both stories] are lovely. One feels, perhaps, that the Aquitar Project plot is a little too good just to be an excuse to make Avon ride a bike, but I really liked how competent he was - and then I really liked all the business with the wine and the cuddling. Again, it's so nice to have them be IC nice to each other. I love it. These two are amongst my favourites in the zine.[3]


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