Artforum Interview with Emily Penfield

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Artforum Interview with Emily Penfield
Interviewer: M.A. Smith
Interviewee: Emily Penfield
Date(s): September 1989
Medium: print
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Emily Penfield was interviewed about fan art for Artforum #2.

Some Excerpts

When I'm creating a piece, I start out with a basic image in my head of what I want to do. I then do a rough sketch of this image and, through a process of trial and error, I add and subtract details which I think will enhance the picture. I can't think of a single illo of mine that came out completely as I had planned it , or completely as an accident. I never have an idea so firmly planted in my mind that it can't be altered (and improved) by a few free-handed 'mishaps'. Please let me know if I've interpreted your question accurately . . . It seems like the type that's got all sorts of convoluted meanings.
If credit is taken for, or a profit is made from the copying of another artist's work, then of course it's wrong. But I don't think studying an artist's work is "copying" or "cheating", because it lets you experiment with styles and techniques different from your own experience. It may help you to create a completely new vision of line, composition, etc., never realized before (by you or the artist whose work you study). I sometimes find it refreshing to jump Into another artist's 'point-of-view', when I feel my own work sliding into a rut . . . and my interpretation of any particular artist's method is never so "copied" that my own individual style doesn't show through.