Arrow Season 5 Appreciation Week

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Name: Arrow Season 5 Appreciation Week
Date(s): July 9, 2017 - July 15, 2017
Type: Fanweek
Fandom: Arrow
Associated Community:
URL: Annoucement post, Archived version, #ArrowS5AW on Tumblr
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Arrow Season 5 Appreciation Week is an event hosted by arrowsource on Tumblr. This event is an appreciation week for Season 5 of the CW television series Arrow. It was hosted due to the popularity of the Arrow Season 4 Appreciation Week held the previous year. The following prompts were used for the appreciation week:

  • Day 1 (July 9): Favourite episode(s)
  • Day 2 (July 10): Favourite character
  • Day 3 (July 11): Favourite platonic relationship
  • Day 4 (July 12): Favourite romantic relationship
  • Day 5 (July 13): Favourite moment(s)
  • Day 6 (July 14): Memorable quote(s)
  • Day 7 (July 15): Free choice


From arrowsource:

Many of you expressed your interest for an appreciation week, so here it is: Arrow Season 5 Appreciation Week! Just like last year, the purpose is to highlight your favourite characters, dynamics, episodes, scenes, etc. from the 5th season of Arrow – and at the same time, showcase the artistic and creative talent of the fans! The appreciation week will begin on July 9 and will end on July 15.[1]


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