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Name: Arnold
Arnold Shortman[1]
Occupation: student
Relationships: Phil & Gertrude (grandparents), Miles & Stella (parents), Gerald Johanssen (best friend), Helga Pataki (friend & bully), Arnie (cousin), Sunset Arms boarders, P.S. 118 classmates, Lila Sawyer (crush), Ruth P. McDougal (crush), Summer (crush)
Fandom: Hey Arnold!
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Arnold is the main character in the Hey Arnold! series.




Arnold/Helga is by far the most popular Arnold pairing in the fandom, however over the years a few others popped up as well, including Arnold/Gerald and Arnold/Lila.


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  1. ^ "Shortman" is not completely confirmed canon. Craig Bartlett has stated, however, that Arnold's last name has been used quite often in the series, and some fans speculate that because Arnold's grandfather refers to him as "Shortman": Shortman is his last name. Fans either use Shortman in referring to his last name or do not use one at all.