Ares and Xena Shippers Yahoo Group

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Mailing List
Name: aresandxenashippers
Date(s): May 16, 1999 to present
Founder(s): Melanie Knight
Type: discussion
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Scope: Ares/Xena
URL: aresandxenashippers Yahoo! Group
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aresandxenashippers is a Yahoo! Group for the Ares/Xena pairing that was founded in 1999. The group was especially active in the year 2000, with posts decreasing in 2001 until eventually the list fell silent.


Okay, so everyone and their cousin knows that Ares has got the hots for Xena, and the God has good taste, but could it ever work? Let's chat, write fan fic, petition Renaissance Pictures. Also, any other, non-subtexters and non-slash chat welcome! I have no problem with subtext or homosexuality in general, but I feel that there needs to be a Xena club for those of us who don't see it that way.[1]


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