Apple Candy

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Title: Apple Candy
Creator: talitha78
Date: October 2009
Format: digital
Music: Apple Candy, by Ben Lee
Genre: Poly
Fandom: Star Trek: Alternate Original Series
Footage: Star Trek XI
URL: Dreamwidth announcement

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Apple Candy is a Star Trek: Alternate Original Series vid set to the song Apple Candy, by Ben Lee.[1]

The vid is from Jim Kirk's point of view and begins by focusing on Kirk's very male gaze view of Nyota Uhura. The almost vulgar line from the song, "I wanna go where he's been," leads the viewer to see Uhura as primarily someone that Kirk wants, even though he is seeing her in all her aspects--beautiful, full of humour, intelligent, talented--the list goes on and on. Gradually the story changes, and while still from Kirk's POV, now he is seeing Uhura more the way Spock sees her, utilizing the canon relationship from the film to broaden Kirk's view of Uhura into a more complete person.

The song gives us the line, "I want you and I want him," at nearly the half-way point of the vid, and the view abruptly changes to Kirk's focus on Spock. We see Spock the way Kirk does--as an adversary, a rival, a compatriot, a fellow adventurer, nearly, but not quite yet, friends. The line, "I wanna know what he knows," brings the original Trek universe Spock into play. A fandom-savvy viewer can't help but think of TOS Kirk/Spock during the section that uses the the song's lyrics to show that Kirk wants both versions of Spock.

The ending shots of the vid are the new Kirk, the one that knows what TOS Spock felt, with both Uhura and Spock, and we see them as a team that works together and could now be three together in all ways.