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You may be looking for apologyfic.

Title: Apology
Creator: Holdt
Date: Jan 2010
Music: "Apology" by Alesana
Genre: adult, het
Fandom: Stargate SG-1 (Het)
URL: Apology by Holdt

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Apology is an adult het Stargate SG-1 vid by Holdt to Apology by Alesana. It was Holdt's first het vid. The pairing is half Daniel/Sha're and half Daniel/Vala.

Description: Haunted by memories of a perfect love gone terribly wrong, Daniel tries to move on with his life. Sadly, he's unable to shake nightmares of his past and so he begs Shar'e to release him from his guilt.

Finally, through realizing how little he actually wants to hurt Vala, Daniel is able to reconcile his new feelings and say goodbye.

1. Because Vala is awesome. 2. Because some day, he has to let go.

Music by: Alesana - Apology

Vidder's Notes: "I should also mention that this was my first exercise using TV and SGverse symbology to tell viewers about a character's inner mental state."