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Gift Exchange
Name: Apocalyptothon
Date(s): 2005 - August 2015 (last entry)
Moderator(s): apocalypsos, soundingsea
Founder: apocalypsos
Type: fic
Scope: apocafic
Fandom: multifandom
URL: LJ comm; archive link
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The Apocalyptothon was a fic exchange for apocafic. It was started by apocalypsos in late 2005. soundingsea came on to assist with moderating in 2009.[1] Several hundred stories have been written for the four rounds undertaken to date.

"No matter how perfect or wonderful a fandom might be, I think we can all agree that one thing that can improve any mythology is to blow it right the fuck up. Or, you know, kill everybody. That can be fun, too. Nuclear attack, asteroid collision, world-altering pandemic that kills off pretty much everybody but a select, angst-ridden few ... this is what apocalyptothon is here for."[2]


Stories must be over 1000 words long and "set before, during, or after the apocalypse. The apocalypse can be naturally occurring (the ice caps melting, an asteroid striking the planet, the Yellowstone caldera exploding), manmade (nuclear war, biological warfare), mystical (whatever that might entail in your particular universe), or whatever works within the confines of the request. Any other plot details are fair game."[3]

The ficathon begins each year with a 'vote', in which people nominate fandoms they want to request/write for. A list of the 40 or so most popular fandoms is produced. Entry is made by commenting in the following format:

Livejournal user name:

Request 1 - fandom:
Request 2 - fandom:
Request 3 - fandom:
Request 4 - fandom:
Request 5 - fandom:
Fandoms you will write (at least 5):
Things you will not write:
Can you pinch-hit in case someone drops out?:

If so, which fandoms can you pinch-hit for?:

"For obvious reasons, post-apocalyptic destruction, violence and character death may not be on [the list of things you don't want/can't write]."[4]


Examples/Notable Works

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

[by someone who reads apocafic ;P]


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