Any Day Now

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Title: Any Day Now
Author(s): Rebelcat
Genre: gen
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Any Day Now is a gen Starsky & Hutch story by Rebelcat.

Reactions and Reviews

Starsky is raped. It's horrific, of course. But that particular scene is written with such restraint, it's easier to read than you might think it would be. Yet this story isn't really about the rape. It's about the aftermath. Starsky doesn't want to talk about it, even though Hutch is all but demanding he do exactly that. You can imagine what follows. I always think of Rebelcat, who is one of my favorite writers in both Pros and Starsky & Hutch, as a bit of a humor specialist. So many of her stories make me come dangerously close to spitting coffee all over my keyboard. And yes, even with the exceedingly dark subject matter, there are some pretty darned funny lines in this fic. Yet, to pigeonhole her in that way is to sell her short. She can pretty much write anything she wants to with style and flair. What's really interesting here is Hutch's reaction to the tragedy and how Starsky deals with both Hutch's reaction and the tragedy itself. Rebelcat took an unexpected direction here, and I love her for it. [1]


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