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Name: AntiFanfiction
Date(s): May 10th 2010 to Present Day
Moderators/List Maintainers: Oldenmw, Ruby
Founder(s): AntiMew
Type: Social Chat/Fanfiction Forum
Fandom: All
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AntiFanfiction (often shortened to AntiFF) was created as an Invisionfree forum on 10 May 2010 when multiple interactive fanfics written in chat-format on (FFN) were deleted. Created and administrated by AntiMew, it was originally advertised on several rule-breaking stories as a haven for interactive "Truth or Dare" fanfics, amongst others. The name is based on its original intention as being the "opposite" of FFN, but this choice has lead several potential members to believe it is an Anti-Fanfic (or flamer) group. Incidently, the name "AntiMew" was used by the creator to show himself as the opposite of Yellow Mew, another member of whom he was arguing with during AntiFF's conception.

It was initially advertised by reviews on stories breaking's Terms of Service. Additionally, several members have put links to the website in their profiles and sent invitations to other members via personal messages. Currently there is no active advertising of the forum, the majority of new traffic coming from search engines and referring links.


Primarily a chat forum, AntiFF has areas dedicated to:

  • Online discussions
  • Forum games
  • Story posts (both fanfiction and original works)
  • Story reviews
  • Role-playing games
  • MSTs ("Mystery Science Theater 3000" styled mocks of online writing.)

There are also places for users to send in site banners, ask the Admin questions,[1] and request a change to their user title (a short phrase or sentence that is displayed underneath their forum avatar).

AntiFanfiction and The Literate Union

Although neutral to The Literate Union itself, a large portion of its original users were opposed to Lord Kelvin, who is closely associated with it. At first, the topic "I hate Lord Kelvin, do you?"[2] was one of the most read. After a few months of existence though, the forum gained a less hostile attitude due to a combination of an increased user base, AntiMew enforcing the forum's Terms of Use [3] and Lord Kelvin himself visiting the site to answer questions. Currently, there is next to no discussion on either Kelvin or the LU - showing that AntiFanfiction has moved on since those early months.

AntiFanfiction and FanficUnderground

AntiFanfiction has a close relationship with an older retired "Anti-LU" group, FanficUnderground (FFU),[4] to the extent that many prominent members have accounts on both forums. The moderation teams of each site have disagreements over how forums are run (primarily AntiFF preferring forum-based discussions with a small moderation team whilst FFU prefers chat-room discussions and a much larger team), many of which can be seen in AntiFF's "AntiFF and FFU" topic.[5] Despite this, FanficUnderground Admin Eclipse invited AntiFanfiction staff AntiMew and Oldenmw to help set up a Zetaboards forum for them.[6]

Zetaboards Conversion

On 1 November 2011, AntiFanfiction upgraded from their original Invisionfree forums in order to take advantage of Zetaboards' enhanced features whilst keeping their original posts. It is worth mentioning that they pursued this within a month after FanficUnderground's attempt at moving to the same forum software.


AntiFanfiction, as of 5 November 2011, has almost 28,000 posts and 125 validated members.


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