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Title: Anthro
Editor(s): Quentin Long
Date(s): September/October 2005-present
Medium: online, print
Fandom: Furry Fandom
Language: English
External Links: online here
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You may be looking for Anthropomorphism

Anthro is a gen furry bi-monthly online anthology of stories, art, columns, fact articles, poetry, webcomics, and reviews. There is an annual print anthology called "ANTHROlogy"

ANTHROlogy 1 was published in November 2006 and is a 602-page collection of virtually everything that appeared in Anthro's first year, issues 1 through 6. Cover by Lucius Appaloosius.

ANTHROlogy 2 was published in Septmeber 2008 and is a 638-page collection of the lion's share of everything from issues 7 through 12, Anthro's second year.