Anthology (role-playing zine)

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Title: Anthology
Editor(s): Mart Allard
Date(s): 1986, reprinted in 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Anthology is a 128-page zine by Mart Allard.

The focus is Star Wars role-playing.

  • Technical Difficulties by Mart Allard (20 pages) (Doc Sharpe steals her ship back.)
  • Trust by Neal Dauber (25 pages) (Thallian 'sees' the Emperor die.)
  • Going Under by Paul Gault (27 pages) (Palen and Niles rescue Raena Vader.)
  • Claustrophobia by Loren Rhoads (17 pages) (Tocneppil rescues Raena Vader.)
  • An Exchange of Favors by Thomas Brian (28 pages) (Tocneppil helps the crew of the Plague.)