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Title: Ante
Publisher: urdchama
Editor(s): urdchama
Type: fancomic
Date(s): October 2012
Size: 28 pages, 5.4" x 8.5"
Fandom: DC Comics
Language: English
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Ante is an adult black and white Kon-El/Tim Drake fancomic. The comic is based on a fanfic written by Te; it was adapted into comic format by urdchama.

Kon just wants to make out with his boyfriend and make the most of their weekend at Teen Titans tower, but to do that he must overcome his greatest foe -- Tim's impeccable work ethic! As the day drags on Kon grows more and more frustrated. Tim, however, has a plan.

A very fun and gratuitous Robin/Superboy fan comic. Story by Te, artwork by urdchama.