Another Shore Leave

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Another Shore Leave
Author(s): Suzan Lovett
Date(s): 1981, 2006
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Another Shore Leave is a Star Trek: TOS story by Suzan Lovett.

It was published in R & R #14 and later in Antinomy.


From the publisher: "Wrigley's Pleasure Planet - and Kirk is under quarantine. What's a frustrated Captain to do? Help comes from the most unexpected quarter."


"You can't do this to me. Bones! I have overdrawn my IOU's to get permission for this particular leave. Who knows if we will ever be in this sector again. Three days of pure bliss waiting for us and...." McCoy interrupted: "I know, Jim, and I'm sure the crew will appreciate it." He didn't mention he was practically drooling over the prospects himself. "I also know our planetfall coincides with your birthday. I am really sorry, but this is one shore leave you are going to miss."

Reactions and Reviews

Measles? Yes, our intrepid captain is quarantined to quarters with the almost forgotten childhood malady after transporting a group of orphans. And just as he was scheduled for much needed shore leave on Wrigleys! I don’t want to give away a lot of details here, because everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy this for herself. Suffice it to say Spock’s Vulcan stoicism is set aside as he does everything in his power to help his captain through the ordeal. At the same time, some of his efforts are misunderstood, causing Kirk to spend a lot more time worrying about his first officer than scratching his spots. There is a lot of exploration here of the feelings these men have for each other, all wrapped in a very neat and entertaining package with a number of humorous moments. I will concede Ms. Lovett’s writings are not K/S, but a blind man with a cane could see the love she creates between them. Each man has more concern for the other than for himself, willing to do whatever is necessary to make the other’s life as comfortable and happy as possible. There seems to me to be a whole lot of little hints that something else is on the horizon for them. [1]


  1. ^ from The K/S Press #124