Another Glance

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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: Another Glance
Author(s): Sara Goose
Date(s): 2002
Genre: Het, Infidelity
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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Another Glance is a Star Trek: DS9 story by Sara Goose.

It was nominated for a 2002 ASC Award.

Reactions and Reviews

O'Brien and Kira are not a couple I would ordinarily think of, despite the hints given in canon. Sara does a good job in this story of picking up on that spark of attraction and exploring it further. [1]

Another Glance is a very good story of the mutual attraction between Kira and O'Brien, beautifully told and moving. But it is also a story of all the things that holds O'Brien to Keiko in spite of that. I liked details like how O'Brien held the picture of Keiko in his mind against temptation but also liked how Sara makes you feel what a very close thing it was. I thought the whole dance: the rationalizations and excuses to linger, as well as what holds you back from the brink, all rang very true. This was an excellent follow-up to the dynamic between Kira and O'Brien we saw in "Looking For Par'Mach" Anyone who saw that episode will appreciate this story all the more. This story showed great control of characterization, mood, and theme I enjoyed. This story was definitely a fav among the Deep Space Nine stories I read this year, very memorable and comes highly recommended. [2]

Even at the start, when the Cardassians were going to destroy the station, Kira and Miles connected. There was always an unspoken understanding, and she seemed to see him as the one starfleeter that understood her own point of view. And yet, he is and was and always will be honorable. I love the way this story is so sparce, just giving out the needed details. And its very true to both, united around a child and a woman neither would hurt. One glance was all they could afford, but both must have wondered how it might be if there could be a second.[3]