Another Fine Mess

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Title: Another Fine Mess
Author(s): Lorraine Bartlett
Date(s): 1979
Length: three pages
Genre: gen
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Another Fine Mess is a gen Starsky and Hutch story by Lorraine Bartlett.

The story tidies up the episode "Playboy Island."

It was published in the fourth issue of Zebra Three.

Reactions and Reviews

What it is, is a nicely-turned sequel to the Playboy Island episode in which Starsky tries, none too success fully, to come to terms with his voodoo-induced attempt to kill Hutch. The slightly false note at the end is, I suspect, deliberate.[1]
Another Fine Mess didn't do much for me.[2]
Another Fine Mess—Another good gap-filler. It is well written and the little aside of Hutch drinking Starsky's scotch was a nice touch! [3]
Another Fine Mess - Please don't kill me, but something didn't click right or this one. Hutch's refusal to believe in voodoo was right on the money, but Starsky gave in too easily. I know, I know! It's supposed to be a short, short story, and I shouldn't expect a novella, but I can't help that.[4]
Another Fine Mess combined the more serious aspects of a just-as-soon-forgotten nightmare with that touch of lightness that pulled, it all together.[5]


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