Another Day, Another Miracle

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Title: Another Day, Another Miracle
Author(s): jat sapphire
Date(s): 2003
Length: 5829 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
External Links: online here and here

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Another Day, Another Miracle is a slash Starsky/Hutch story by jat sapphire.

It was the winner of a 2006 SlaSHies.

An Aside

This story is an example of the tenuousness of online archiving.

It was published on the author's Geocities site, then was archived at Me and Thee Archive until that site went down, and is now at AO3.

Reactions and Reviews

A twist on the old fanon standby of Starsky fighting his way back to health to regain his partnership with Hutch after Gunther's hit, this fic treats us to a world in which Starsky resigned. Having dissolved the partnership because he realized he couldn't get back to the level he needed to be in order to really protect Hutch on the streets, Starsky finds himself suffering through a brutal heat wave 10 years later, contemplating the way things were and the way things are, and falling into a heatwave of his own -- that just happens to involve one Kenneth Hutchinson. This is prose at its finest, and an intriguing look at a David Starsky who was able to let go of his career and redefine himself, and a Hutch who had trouble making the same journey. Oh, and did I mention this story features one of the HOTtest scenes you'll even read? Go. Read. Melt. [1]
It hurts a little, I can't help feeling pain for them both, but there is healing, too. [2]


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